In a bay between the northern and the southern city mountain, you find one of the most beautiful and unique city centers (“Stone Town”) in Sundsvall. On Midsummer Day 1888 the town burnt down to the ground, but insurance payments and rich timber magnates made it possible to build over 600 Neo-Renaissance style houses within just six years.

Today, Sundsvall counts nearly 100,000 inhabitants, and offers a wider selection of events, restaurants and cafés than any other city in the north of Sweden. Birsta, Sweden’s third largest shopping mall is located right outside Sundsvall, and downtown you find Norrland's largest city mall, “In”.
The harbor is home of Sweden's first international casino, Casino Cosmopol, situated right by the newly built two kilometer long bridge over Sundsvall’s bay. This is the largest bridge construction project in Europe of the 21st century so far. Business and conference tourism are steadily increasing. At present the municipality provides modern full-service facilities with 9000 conference venues and 2213 beds.

Business and education

Sundsvall’s business community is a very prosperous one. This is proven for example by the fact that the city received the award "Best Growth" in December 2014. The title is awarded annually to one municipality in each county by the credit screening company Syna, based on the businesses’ financial statements. In Sundsvall you find nearly 10 000 companies spread over 457 industries. The forest industry is a heavy player in the region. Others are IT, banking and insurance. Rents are low and start-ups always profitable.

Mid Sweden University offers a broad range of education programs in social sciences, behavioral sciences, media, health care, education, IT, science, technology, languages and humanities. Flexible learning is the mission statement for all education programs. Mid Sweden University researchers want to be hands-on. Therefore, most of the research is conducted in collaboration with the community. There is a natural connection between education and research that is good not only for the students at the university; it also helps develop business and the region as a whole.

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