Nextjet operates new route

The new route will open a connection between three northern university towns. Arctic Airlink is a completely new route connecting Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø, the towns that increasingly work in direct cooperation in business, academic, urban, administrative and tourism sectors.

The North provides growth. Arctic areas create significant positive growth prospects in Europe. Ms Johanna Koskelainen, Managing Director and CEO and Mr Janne Koskelainen, Sales Director and CSO of a local service company Kymppi Group Oy believe Arctic Airlink will connect the most important towns and cities in this HotSpot of Europe.

Oulu Region businesses strongly believe that the early stage contribution will quickly return the investment to the town cashbox in Finland, Sweden and Norway, Mr Koskelainen says. 

Businesses in Oulu Economic Region need this opportunity to gain more export euros in the area.  The opportunities for the companies in our region, especially in Northern Norway and Malmfälten in Sweden, are huge, Janne Koskelainen says.

The flight route will eliminate many of the challenges regarding travel.  At the moment, travelling from Oulu to Northern Norway takes as long as the travel to the other side of the world. The City of Oulu, Tromsø Fylkeskommune and Norrbotten Municipality work hard to safeguard funding for this entirely new flight route for the next five years as agreed.

The main role for local governments in these three municipalities shall be the safeguarding of infrastructure for effective operations in Northern Scandinavia, where we live in close cooperation, says Oulu City Mayor Matti Penannen. After the five-year guarantee period, the operation of the flight route has to be based on commercial profitability, Oulu City Mayor Matti Pennanen points out.

The important thing is for the east-west transport to operate between the neighbouring countries in the North, he continues.

We wish to thank Oulu, Luleå and Tromsø towns and municipalities for their valuable input in the export activities for the companies in our region, Mr Janne Koskelainen says.

The new route will enhance cooperation with businesses and promote collaboration between academic and research facilities in the three countries. Marketing of Oulu and Oulu Region as an active tourist resort is vitally important for the continuing operation of the aircraft route also after the five-year guarantee period.

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