Nextjet - first airline using bio fuel

The 26th of June 16:20, the first domestic, commercial, flight using bio fuel, Nextjet 2N057, departed from Karlstad to Stockholm. A few hours earlier the first stationary tank for aviation bio fuel was opened.

-This is a big day and we are very proud to be the first airline using bio fuel. What is becoming reality today is a huge step for the aviation industry and the environment and I hope that Karlstad Airport can act as a role model for other airports, says Magnus Ivarsson, CEO of Nextjet.

“This facility is the first stationary storage tank for aviation biofuel in Europe and possibly even the world,” says Thorbjörn Larsson, vice president of Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation.

Karlstad Airport is an environmentally certified airport owned and operated by the municipality of Karlstad. The city has set clear environmental objectives as part of its owner directive.

“It’s fantastic that we are now presenting this aviation biofuel facility. It has been achieved thanks to our ambitious environmental demands and the work of a dedicated airport manager,” says Per-Samuel Nisser (Moderaterna), chairman of the executive committee, Karlstad municipality.

Climate compensation fund

Aviation biofuel is 3-4 times more expensive than normal aviation fuel and this extra cost is currently preventing airlines acting in a more eco-friendly way.

To solve this problem, SkyNRG, a Dutch pioneer in aviation biofuel, has teamed up with Statoil Fuel & Retail to establish a climate compensation fund. The fund will initially cover the difference between the cost of normal aviation fuel and biofuel. In the longer term the fund will also support research. Businesses, the public sector and private individuals can make contributions.

“We are very pleased to be taking this initiative together with Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation. Karlstad has the potential to be a major producer and a pioneer in the use of sustainable fuel,” says Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of SkyNRG.

Supplies of aviation biofuel

The Karlstad region in Sweden is home to world-leading competence in pulp and paper technology. Over 100 companies in this sector collaborate in a cluster called the Paper Province.

“We have seen that there are opportunities to exploit the resources of the forest more effectively by better use of waste products, including the production of aviation biofuel, “ says Maria Hollander CEO of the Paper Province.

National and international focus on Karlstad

“IATA is excited by Karlstad Airport offering a regular biofuel supply to all departing aircraft. This is a big step forward - so far biofuel has only been supplied to specific flights from individual airlines. The area around Karlstad Airport has a high potential for sustainable biojet production from locally available feedstock such as forestry residues and waste streams, says Thomas Roetger, Assistant Director, Aviation Environment – Technology, International Air Transport Association.

Region Värmland (organisation for regional development and growth) and Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) is also providing financial support for the strategic parts of the project.

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Nextjetillä vahva kasvu Kokkola-Pietarsaaressa

Lisätarjonta ja uudistettu aikataulu reitillä Kokkola-Pietarsaari-Arlanda antaa uusia mahdollisuuksia jatkomatkustukselle Eurooppaan ja sen ulkopuolelle. Lisäksi avataan uusi reitti välille Kokkola-Pietarsaaren kentältä Uumajaan ja Göteborgiin.

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Nextjetin matkustajamäärä Kokkola-Pietarsaari reitillä kasvaa

Matkustajien määrä kasvaa Nextjetin suoralla lennolla Kokkola/Pietarsaari -Tukholmaan, Arlandaa.. Suora lento on osoittautunut tärkeäksi osaksi alueen infrastruktuuria. Vuoden 2017 kymmenen ensimmäisen kuukauden aikana määrä on lisääntynyt 10 % verrattuna samaan ajanjaksoon edellisenä vuonna, mikä tarkoittaa yli 12 000 matkustajaa.

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Nextjet on saanut pysyvän toimiluvan

Ruotsin kuljetushallitus Transportstyrelsen on 27. lokakuuta 2017 myöntänyt pysyvän toimiluvan Nextjet AB:lle. Tämä tarkoittaa, että yhtiö voi suunnitellusti jatkaa liikennöintiä 17. marraskuuta jälkeen.

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Nextjet’s Operating Licence

Nextjet is licensed to fly until 17 November this year, and for some time, Nextjet has been working to regain its licence. An application for a new licence has been submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency and an answer can be expected in the near future.

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