Booking & standby


You can book your ticket via 24 hours a day. It is also possible to make your reservation by calling our call center, +46 (0)771-90 00 90. For this service we will charge a booking fee of 250 SEK (25 EUR) per passenger and booking. You can also book your ticket via your travel agency. If you wish to make a group booking (10 passengers or more) please send your request to our Group Booking


You can pay for your ticket with any of the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard or EuroCard. Standby-tickets are paid for and collected at the departure airport. We do not accept Scandinavian electronic credit cards. NextJet does not charge any fees for paying with credit cards.


On our domestic routes, including Arlanda-Mariehamn-Turku and Kokkola/Jakobstad - Arlanda, we offer standby-tickets. It is not possible to reserve a standby-ticket, instead you will be placed on a waiting list and travel upon availability. Passengers travelling on standby-tickets are not guaranteed their seat until the aircraft has been boarded and left the gate. Standby-tickets cost 495 SEK and are paid for and collected at the departure airport upon day of departure. You may pay using one of the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard or EuroCard. Standby-tickets may be purchased by passengers under the age of 26 years. If the age of the traveller is under 12 years, he or she has to be followed by a travel companion over the age of 16. (When travelling on standby tickets, Nextjet cannot support with a guardian).

If you have purchased a standby-ticket and there is no seat available on the flight, you may choose to get a refund or change the standby-ticket to be valid on a later flight.

Electronic tickets

All our bookable tickets are electronic tickets. When making your booking via we will send the booking reference and confirmation via e-mail. Bring your booking reference and a valid ID to present at the check-in counter, security screening, and gate. You may obtain your booking reference from our helpdesk or the travel agent when making your booking via them.

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