Special baggage

Articles such as golf bags, bicycles, surfing boards, hang gliders and skis are not included in the standard allowance. Transportation of such articles are subject to an extra charge per article and single journey. These articles must be packed separately containing only one article per package. Concerning the operator's economic liability, these articles are considered as luggage in the event of damage or loss. 




Dog/Cat (click here for more info)

150 SEK


400 SEK

Ski / Snowboard equipment/ (max 15 kg)

350 SEK

Golfbag (max 15 kg)

350 SEK


350 SEK

Walking frame / Wheelchair



225 SEK

Diving equipment

300 SEK

Fishing rod or tube for rod


Water skis

150 SEK


Not allowed

Hang glider

400 SEK

Music equipment(for cellos and other large music equipment please contact our call center on +46 771 90 00 90)



150 SEK


275 SEK

Special baggage declaration

1000 SEK



SKI / SNOWBOARD equipment

Must be packed separately and only one set of ski equipment is allowed per ski bag. One ski equipment consists of 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles alternatively 1 snowboard. One skibag containing skiboots are allowed together with skiequipment. Ski equipment must be pre-booked at NextJet's Call Center. The fee is SEK350 / one way and is paid at the departure airport.

Transportation of firearms and ammunition is only allowed as checked-baggage, on condition that the transport is made in accordance with the regulations covering transport of dangerous goods (DGR), that the transport is booked in advance and the contents are declared to the airline by the passenger at check-in. Air-transport of firearms and ammunition (Dangerous Goods) are covered by special regulations and regulated in Swedish and European law.


Firearms and ammunition must always be booked in good time prior to departure through our Call Centre

Firearms and all associated parts shall be transported in the cargo-hold and inaccessible during the flight.

You must inform the airport personnel at check-in that you are carrying firearms and, possibly ammunition. The traveller must confirm to the airport personnel that any weapon is unloaded.

The firearm must be dismantled in such a way that the bolt and/or fittings are packed separately from the other parts of the weapon. All parts shall be packed in suitable protective packing for air-transport.

If, during your journey, you are making a transfer within the Nextjet network, see below “Journeys involving Transfer”.

On arrival, the firearm will NOT be placed on the Arrival-Hall baggage-belt. Instead, the weapon will be handed over, after an identity-check, to the person who checked it in.  This may possibly involve some delay. Please contact Nextjet’s representative on arrival to assist you with the handover.


Ammunition must be checked in and is transported in the cargo-hold and inaccessible during the flight. You may have up to 5 kg ammunition (including weight of packaging) for personal use per passenger. The ammunition should be in the original packaging with necessary further protective packaging suitable for air-transport. Ammunition may not be consolidated to weights exceeding 5 kg.

Ammunition must be packed separately from baggage containing firearms or firearm parts are being transported.

Only ammunition included in Dangerous Goods Groups UN0012 and UN0014 are approved to be carried by passengers. If you are uncertain regarding the UN-number relevant to your ammunition contact your supplier.


If your journey involves a transfer within the Nextjet network, and the time between the planned arrival and departure at the airport where the transfer is being made exceeds 2 hours, the firearms should be collected and checked in once more at the transfer airport. Note that the above procedure is not valid if the transfer is being made at Arlanda. This means that if you are travelling via Arlanda and making a transfer there, any checked-in firearm should not be collected until you reach your final destination.`



If the weight exeeds 15 kg, 30 SEK per extra kg applies per one way.


Has to be checked in, but the weight is not included in the baggage weight.


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Please note that, due to limitations in cargo hold, we can not accept animals in cargo hold during 01 december - 30 april on the following routes: Hemavan, Vilhelmina, Arvidsjaur, Kramfors, Gällivare, Örnsköldsvik och Lycksele.


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