EU regulations limit the amount of liquid, creams, jellies and sprays allowed in carry on luggage.

Liquids in carry on luggage allows containers up to 100 ml. The containers shall fit comfortably in one transparent, resealable plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre. Plastic bags are available at the security check.

Liquids for medical purposes and special dietary requirements, including baby food, needed during the trip is also allowed. Goods purchased after the screening point is not affected by these EU-regulations.

In hold baggage: avoid liquids or pack them well to avoid damage. 

Please consider

To avoid being deprived of goods purchased after the screening point, or in countries without liquid restrictions, read the following:

  • Liquids purchased after the screening point can be carried in your hand luggage if travelling from an airport in Sweden and no change of aircraft is made before arriving to your final destination.
  • If your journey starts in Sweden and a change of aircraft is made at an airport inside the EU, liquids may be accepted on you entire journey even if purchased after the screening point. Ensure that the bag is properly sealed so that no further items can be added to the bag after the purchase. You must also present a receipt for the purchase determining that the purchase has taken place during the last 24 hours. Contact your transit-airport for detailed information of the requirements for your journey.

Please keep in mind that the liquid regulations may change upon returning to Sweden and other EU-countries. Visit Swedish Civil Aviation Authority for more information.

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