Checked in baggage

Free baggage allowance

Full Flex (C) 2 pieces á 23 kg
Flex (Y, B, H, N, M, U, Q, T) 1 piece á 23 kg
Specials (V) (Retiree) 1 piece á 23 kg
Specials (K) (Student & youth) 1 piece á 23kg

Infants (under 24 months without reserved seat)

1 piece á 10 kg

Checked baggage must be able to manage load posed by loading and unloading baggage on the aircraft and/or baggage truck. Checked baggage must also be able to manage load when in contact with other luggage during the loading and unloading process. Checked baggage must be thoroughly packed so that it allows for standard baggage handling, loading and unloading. The passenger is responsible for packing their baggage to prevent its contents from being damaged. The passenger is liable if packing bottles and similar items in the baggage in an event of contaminating other baggage, either belonging to other passengers or the carrier. NextJet does not reimburse or replace damage on checked baggage (own or others) that is a result of broken bottles, leaking food/drinks or equivalent. Eatables/food packed in checked baggage will not be reimbursed, nor damages caused by the same. 

Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are not allowed to be used onboard or brought in the checked in luggage. If you have one, it must remain in your cabin baggage at all times during the flight.

Some articles does not count as normal baggage. A description of these is found under Specal baggage. For all baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance a fee of SEK350 will be charged regardless of number of kilos. The maximum weight per piece of checked in baggage is 32 kg.

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