In the security screening at our destinations, you have to show a valid boarding card for a flight departing on the same day.

You have two options:

  • Show your printed boarding card
  • Show your boarding card in your mobile phone or tablet


Before entering the security screening, please observe the following:

  • Place your hand luggage in one of the plastic boxes. 
  • Laptops and other electrical equipment must be taken out of the hand luggage and placed in a separete plastic box.
  • Put keys, coins, and other small items in your outerwear or hand luggage and put this in a plastic box.
  • Take off your outerwear and place it in a plastic box.
    Observe that there are limitations for the amount of liquid you can bring in your hand luggage*. Liquids in containers of maximum 100 ml can be brought in the hand lugagge. The containers shall be placed in a transparent, and resealable plastic bag holding maximum 1 litre. 

* The 100 ml-rule can be excepted for baby food, milk and medications. Only bring what you need for the flight. Observe that you might be asked to taste the content.

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