Customer relations

In case your flight has been cancelled or delayed more than three hours to its final destination, you may be entitled to compensation in accordance with EU-regulation (EC) 261/2004. In order for us to properly handle your errand we will amongst other information require flight number, your booking reference, departure and destination, date of flight as well as your name and e-mail address. All of this shall be entered into our refund form

Please note that your claim must be registered within two (2) months after the arrival to your destination, as described in the itinerary, for us to process it. If more than two (2) months has passed after the arrival and no claim has been registered within this time your claim will not be processed if there not are exceptional reasons presented. This limitation is based on a decision in court, T 2659-17, which can be found here

Our goal is to start to process your errand within 40 days and if we find that you are entitled to compensation we will effect payment to a bank account provided us by you.

In case you instead of submitting this information yourself to us to choose to let a third party (such as insurance company or other company) handle this for you and on your behalf we do require a power of attorney made out by you which gives this third party the right to represent you. You need to sign this power of attorney yourself and either send it in to us or let the third party send it in to us. If we then find that you are entitled to compensation, and that the compensation shall be paid out by us to that third party instead of directly to you we further need a “release form” signed by you before we can pay out the compensation you are entitled to under the EU-regulation to that third party.

You will find a power of attorney and a release form to the right.

The reason why we need the power of attorney is that it is only the passenger who is entitled to compensation and we need to know that a third party has the right to represent you, which a power of attorney will demonstrate, and that any payment effected to that third party is legally regarded as full and final payment to you, which the release form will ensure.


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