Vilhelmina, which was earlier called Volgsjö, was named after Queen Frederika in 1799. Even the neighbouring towns of Dorotea and Frederika have inherited their names after her.

Vilhelmina offers access to a wonderful mountain world with altogether 15 nature reserves and a unique wild life together with an abundance of cultural attractions. Vilhelmina’s cultural inheritance is inspired by the time when roads were yet to be built and when the Sami’s and settlers lived side by side.

Kittelfjäll and Klimpfjäll are Vilhelmina’s two largest alpine areas. In addition to the skiing opportunities, the district offers hunting and fishing trips, dog-team and scooter tours, kayak and mountain bike rides and horse riding.

Flying to Vilhelmina is the quickest and most effective way for travellers to get to and from the town. Air connections between the region and the capital and even further out into the world are a must if the creative spirit of enterprises that exists is to be retained. NextJet is working intensively, together with the municipality, to be able to present a reliable and frequent connection between Vilhelmina and Stockholm. NextJet operates an ATP on the route with a flying time of only 90 minutes. 

Pictures from Vilhelmina Tourist Agency.

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