Turku is Finland’s oldest city and one of the oldest in the entire Nordic region. The year 1229 was of great significance to the city. It was during this year that the seat of the Archbishop of Finland moved to Turku and it became the religious centre as well as an important town of commerce.

Turku archipelago

There are tens of thousands of islands and skerries between Turku and Stockholm. Saved from the ravages of mass tourism, the archielago is a breathtaking natural experience that also offers a full range of traveller services.

There is no need for an own boat to experience the archipelago. There are cruises, ferries and the Archipelago Trail. This beautiful route will take the travellers island hopping by bike or car. 

The largest castle in Finland and one of the country’s national treasures has stood guard over the mouth of the River Aura since the end of the 13th century. The Timeline exhibition and the Children’s Castle provide visitors of all ages things to see and experience.

Finland’s national shrine was consecrated as the Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary and bishop St Henry in 1300. Today the beautiful details of the Cathedral serve as a record of Finnish history The Cathedral Museum in the Southern Gallery takes you back all the way to the 1300´s.

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