Pori | Rauma

Pori is a city and municipality on the west coast of Finland. The municipality has a population of 83 500 and is the 11th largest city in Finland.

Pori offers tourists unique summer events, summer theatres and parties, fairs, concerts, exhibitions and sports events. In Pori you will find fascinating events and sights as well as enticing accommodation options and restaurants. You will easily spend an unforgettable holiday experience - whether you are a couple, a family or a larger group.


Pori is known for its sizeable summer events. In July, Pori Jazz will once again gather tens of thousands of music lovers in the city. The social debate forum SuomiAreena, which is organised at the same time, brings major Finnish and other European politicians to the city. In Pori, many other cultural, music and sports events are waiting for you, such as Porispere, Pori Folk Culture Festival, Lain§uojattomat Theatre Festival and Baltic Herring Market.


One of Pori’s glories is one of the most beautiful beaches in Finland, the six-kilometre-long Yyteri beach. The lively area offers opportunities for many recreational activities for people of all ages. Acquaint yourself for example with Top Camping Yyteri, Yyteri Spa, golf course, horse stables and the surf centre services. The beautiful and diverse terrain offers unforgettable outdoor and hiking experiences through any season.


The Kokemäenjoki River runs through the city centre, lending it its unique atmosphere. There is a walkway bridge from the shore to the oasis of the centre, Kirjurinluoto, which has acted as a recreational park already over 100 years, and it is a popular destination among families with children. Kirjurinluoto is a delightful setting for a picnic or for more active pastimes. The pastures, flower beds, peacocks, alpacas, billy goats, several playgrounds with their Viksu the Rook mascot as well as the cosy beach and excellent services make for an unforgettable day for the whole family.

More information: www.visitpori.fi and www.visitrauma.fi

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