Örnsköldsvik is located in the High Coast Area (Höga Kusten). The name comes from the Governor Per Abraham Örnsköld and is one of few cities in Sweden wich received the name from a non royal person.

Traces of human activity in the area date back to the Nordic Bronze Age, and there's a reconstructed iron age village called Gene fornby, which is a popular tourist attraction, just outside of town. Örnsköldsvik itself is however a relatively young city, it was founded as a market town in 1842 and became a city in 1894.

High coast area

The High Coast Area is the highest and steepest coast along the Baltic Sea. The highest point is Högsvedje Mountain in the Skule forest, located 349,9 m.s.l. The deepest point is named the Ulvö depth, 293 meters.

Ulvön, Trysunda and Grisslan are some of the well known islands. Also Skags Cape is a well known place for sunbating and picnic.


The city´s shopping stores are located along the street Storgatan, wich is free from vehicles.

The recently built arena Fjällräven Center, is a icehockey- and event arena close to the sea. Peter Forsberg, Markus Näslund, Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin are famous hockey players who started their carrers in Örnsköldsvik.

Pictures from ornskoldsvik.se

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