Kramfors | High Coast

Centrally along the coast of Norrland, amidst forested mountains, oceans and seas, is the high coast area (in Swedish: Höga Kusten) with ​​the municipalities Kramfors and Sollefteå.

Nextjet arrives in Kramfors, re-named Höga Kusten Airport, which is located in the area of ​​the High Coast. Höga Kusten Airport is the new name of Kramfors / Sollefteå airport. The name change has taken place as the train connection with Bothnia Line / Ådalsbanan, with access to a larger market opened, started its operation in August 2012. 


The municipality of Kramfors is centrally situated along the coast of Norrland right in the middle of forest clad mountains, sea and lakes. Within the municipality’s borders is the universal heritage High Coast which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The municipality’s chief town is Kramfors which was granted its town charter in 1947. Within the municipality, which received its present geographical borders in 1974, there are 16 smaller towns.

Trade and industry in Kramfors is characterized by the flourishing sawmill epoch which took place during the latter part of the 19th century and continued until the 1930’s. During the last decade an expansion has taken place within the mechanical and service sectors. The High Coast was appointed as a universal heritage in 2000 making the tourist industry growing annually. Here, you can park free of charge throughout the whole municipality and experience unusual beauty.


Sollefteå is a strong community, located in the middle parts of Sweden in the heart of Ådalen. The beautiful valley rivers of Fjälllsjöälven, Faxälven and Ångermanälven are surrounded by earth erosions forming a fantastic landscape. The three rivers are united in majestic water pipes leading to the sea. Ångermanälven is, starting in central Sollefteå, Sweden's longest navigable valley river.

The area has fascinated people for thousands of years and it is possible to find the oldest signs from our ancestors on cliffs and rocks throughout the municipality. One of Europe's largest rock carving areas are located in Näsåker at Nämforsen, which has been an important meeting place for people for over 4 000 years. 

More than 20 000 inhabitants reside in Sollefteå Kommun of which 9000 in the town of Sollefteå. The industry is characterised by the power industry and forestry; both holding strong traditions in the area. Sollefteå is Sweden's second largest producer of hydroelectric power and the municipality works actively to develop environmentally friendly bio-energy. 

The industry in Sollefteå primarily consists of small businesses, while major private stakeholders are also represented. Business is viable and Sollefteå offers an exciting mix of family-owned shops, cozy cafes and chains with strong brands.

At Höga Kusten there are plenty of room for both people and business!

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