The sun always shines in Karlstad! Karlstad is located on Klarälvens delta at the northern shore of Lake Vänern, half way between Stockholm and Oslo. 

Karlstad municipality has 84 000 inhabitants and is one of Sweden's 25 largest municipalities. Karlstad is ​​the county seat of Värmland and here you can find services and amenities for the entire Karlstad region consisting of Karlstad and the four surrounding municipalities Forshaga, Grums, Hammarö and Kil. Together they accomodate around 130 000 inhabitants.


Karlstad has one of the most modern universities with about 10 000 students studying to become teachers, engineers, accountants and nurses. There is also a large hospital, and many important authorities, such as the Swedish Consumer Agency.

World leading

Karlstad has world leading knowledge of pulp, paper and packaging.The forest industry cluster Paper Province with its 250 member companies are developing new services within packaging design, tissue production and energy efficiency. IT Network Compare, with the unique test lab Sätterstrand, is another example of the strive for success andentrepreneurial spirit in Karlstad. There are also many service companies in communications and media.

A smiling sun

Karlstad has a unique symbol with roots in our history. It's about our sun and the stories and values ​​that are embedded in it. Karlstad is the only municipality in Sweden with a cheerful sun as a symbol, a sun that was designed by Lasse Sandberg. Here is also Sola of Karlstad's statue, she was a cheerful and energetic inns hostess in the 1700s and is still spreading her sunshine over the city.

Information och bilder från www.karlstad.se

Karlstad is a city to visit. Every week there are wonderful concerts at one of our scenes and singers and artists often give concerts in Löfbergs Lila Arena on their European tour. In the same arena Färjestad Hockey team offers thrilling hockey games and IF Göta arranges annual sport happenings. Not to mention the eventful days during the World Rally Championship!

There are plenty of shopping malls and streaks. There is a large new shopping mall in the middle of the city and a big shopping area, Bergvik which includes Ikea, just out of town. Karlstad has a high trade index. We enjoy inviting guests and our proud coffee maker Löfbergs Lila often spreads an outstanding coffee aroma over the city.

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