The town centre of Jönköping consists in equal parts of water, streets and sandy beaches. This is clearly a winning formula, judging by the roughly 3 million visitors that Jönköping attracts every year.

Jönköping also boasts one of Sweden’s highest concentrations of restaurants. The town centre is built around three lakes and abounds with narrow alleyways, cafés and restaurants. You’ll easily find a seat in the sun, both at lunch and dinner. The question is: what do you want to eat – Indian, Lebanese, Thai, Spanish, Greek, American or traditional Swedish cuisine? As for bars and nightclubs, Jönköping comes alive when darkness falls.

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In the mood for shopping? Enjoy a pleasant day browsing the shops for clothes, food and bargains. Jönköping and the nearby towns of Huskvarna and Gränna have many small shops and the main chain stores. You will also find craft shops, second hand shops and locally produced vegetables and delicacies. The Saturday market at Västra Torget square in Jönköping is one of Sweden’s largest.


The A6 Center is a shopping mall with almost 80 shops and restaurants. 


GRÄNNA & Visingsö

Gränna and Visingsö are unmissable destinations offering enchanting views, manor houses, cobbled roads, bicycle rides, idyllic wooden cabins, castle ruins, paths and oak forests. Wherever you set foot, you’re in the middle of a history book.

The small charming town of Gränna is like a summer day with your shirt hanging out – both relaxing and adventurous. Gränna was founded by Count Per Brahe the Younger in 1652. At Västanå – one of Per Brahe’s three manor houses – you can enjoy top class food and accommodation and enjoy a game of golf nearby.

At Grenna museum, you can learn about S.A. Andrée’s adventurous balloon voyage over the North Pole. The three-man expedition party departed from Svalbard on 11 July 1897. Their fate remained a mystery until their camp, diaries and camera were found 33 years later.

The sweetest thing in Gränna is definitely its mint rock. According to Amalia Eriksson’s original recipe from 1859, the authentic mint rock is red and white. Today it comes in infinite flavours. In Gränna you will also find hand-made crispbread, chocolate and paper. As for lunch, we suggest a freshly caught local fish.

The island of Visingsö is just a 30-minute boat ride away. Ideal for a daytrip, its attractions include the ruined Näs Castle, Sweden’s first royal residence. The watchtower at Kumlaby church offers a view of Sweden’s largest oak forest, pragmatically planted for building warships.

The island is best explored by bicycle. But you can also hike or take a special horse-drawn carriage (known as a remmalag). Bicycles are rented out at Visingsö harbour.


Outside Sweden, the name Huskvarna is probably more famous as a 350-year-old brand than as a 100 year-old town (although the brand is spelled Husqvarna). In past times, the town’s mighty waterfall supplied power for the local industry. Weapons, vehicles and machinery have been manufactured in steady succession in Huskvarna since the early 17th century. You can find out all about it at the Factory Museum (Fabriksmuseet).

Huskvarna offers much more these days, although the production of chainsaws and other garden machinery remain an important local industry. Huskvarna’s slopes are alive with activity all year round. The slalom slope has a drop of almost 100 metres and is especially attractive when illuminated in the evening. In summer, the numerous trails teem with hikers, runners and cyclists. )e popular John Bauer trail passes through the area.

Huskvarna has its own beach with the same clear water as Lake Vättern. The river of Huskvarna offers great fishing, so if you’re lucky you can catch your own dinner. Huskvarna has its own marina – guarded by the famous Jätten Vist, a statue of a giant holding Visingsö in his hands.

Visit the red cabins in Smedbyn to see how the weaponsmiths lived in the past. Today the cabins are occupied by craftsmen and artists who are at least as busy as the weaponsmiths once were. One of the municipality’s largest art galleries is located here. The Factory Museum and Smedbyn are a worthwhile sightseeing combination.

At Huskvarna Folkets Park, traditional popular entertainment lives on in a modern guise. This entertainment park is a magnet for anyone interested in engines, dancing or flea markets, and for music lovers of all ages. Te various events are not all held at the same time, of course, but are evenly distributed throughout the year.

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