Hemavan | Tärnaby

Hemavan Tärnaby lies along the Ume river valley which winds its way, together with the Blue Road (E12), like a corridor through one of Europe’s largest nature reserves.

Vindelfjällens Mountain’s Nature Reserve. From Arlanda you can fly comfortably and land at Hemavan Tärnaby Airport only minutes away from the nearest lift and ski-track systems.



Hemavan Tärnaby is situated in the real mountains of Lappland; therefore, the winter season is long. The ski lifts usually open at the end of October and are open until the month of May. Here you find the slopes that have cultivated some of Sweden’s most successful alpine stars, such as Ingemar Stenmark, Stig Strand, Anja Pärson and Jens Byggmark. The villages that are situated within a distance of 20 km from Hemavan also offer numerous family-friendly ski-tracks for both big and small. For those that don’t care for the downhill skiing that much, there are excellent alternatives for cross-country skiing. And for those who want to try their luck at fishing they can make their way onto the ice and bore a hole to reach char and salmon trout. Hemavan also offers fantastic opportunities to experience nature at its best where scooters and dog teams take you far into the mountain world.


Hemavan Tärnaby is the skier’s domain, but it is also a Laplandish summer pearl for mountain hikers, fishermen, hunters, cyclists, canoeists, botanists and mushroom pickers.The summer season stretches from the return of the migrant birds at the beginning of July until the gorgeous autumn colours of late September.

Hiking and bike

Kungsleden - “The Royal Trail”- stretches like an artery through Vindelfjäll. The stretch between Hemavan and Ammarnäs is suitable as a 4 – 5 day hike.

Hemavan Tärnaby offers uncountable possibilities for cycling, from fierce adventure to more tranquil tours which are introduced with maps and tips. Using the summer lift in Hemavan you can quickly get above the tree line to start a hike, or why not take your bike with you and experience one of the prepared free-ride paths? From the top of the lift you can also pedal down one of the fine mountain trails and experience something out of the ordinary.


Hemavan offers daily outings at request. Visit for example Ruttjebäcken’s beautiful and fascinating ice age formations, a veritable adventure landscape of rapids and pools created by Mother Nature herself. Or visit Samis’ holy mountain “Atoklimpen” which is a cultural reserve. The mountain’s place of sacrifice and formation is made of volcanic rock which gives it its peculiar appearance.

At the end of July the traditional border markets are held. In connection there is the mountain party, opera and choir week and the fish festival.

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