Arvidsjaur is situated approximately 900 km north of Stockholm. Lappish tradition is found in the name `Arvidsjaur´, in Lappish `Arffuidz Jerffui´, which means `The generous lake´.

Arvidsjaur has an irresistible environment for wild life. The district’s more than 4,000 lakes create an exceptional environment for elks, reindeer, bears, wolves, voles and other animals who can survive a mountain climate.

The population of Arvidsjaur is approximately 5,100 and a total of 2,400 inhabitants live in the immediate surrounding villages. In 2006, the municipality celebrated its 400th anniversary but excavations show that settlements have existed there since the 15th century.

Arvidsjaur has a favourable business climate and is best known for the car-test companies who carry out their tests here. At present there are some 400 companies working in the municipality. Close cooperation with the other actors concerning questions about trade and industry is conducive in decision-making when the process is short. Houses are being built in Arvidsjaur and the runway at the airport is being rebuilt to accommodate the expansion of the car-test companies.

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