Nextjet’s Operating Licence

Nextjet is licensed to fly until 17 November this year, and for some time, Nextjet has been working to regain its licence. An application for a new licence has been submitted to the Swedish Transport Agency and an answer can be expected in the near future.

At the same time, the Swedish Consumer Agency expressed, in a letter to Nextjet, that it feels that Nextjet should announce that it will not have a licence after 17 November and/or that another operator may conduct the flights in the event that a new licence is not issued. In accordance with the letter, Nextjet enacted measures in the booking process, in confirmation and in the news posted on, to inform the public that another operator may undertake the flights. The Swedish Consumer Agency was notified in a reply to the letter.

Nevertheless, the Consumer Ombudsman, without giving Nextjet further information or a further opportunity to comment, has submitted a lawsuit to the Swedish Patent and Market Court. This means that the matter will likely be settled by law, even though Nextjet would rather this matter had been resolved through a dialogue between Nextjet and the Swedish Consumer Agency.

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Nextjet granted permanent operating licence

On 30 October 2017, the Swedish Transport Agency issued a permanent operating licence to Nextjet AB, which means the company can continue to operate services after 17 November as planned.

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Fler valde att resa med Nextjet till och från Kramfors

De första fem månaderna 2017 visade på en stark tillväxt i antal resenärer på sträckorna Kramfors - Arlanda och Kramfors - Gällivare för Nextjet. Den totala ökningen januari till maj, jämfört med föregående år, var i faktiska tal fler än 800 resenärer vilket ger en ökning på över 20% under perioden.

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Nextjet storsatsar på Björneborg med två nya linjer

Den 24 april startar Nextjet två nya linjer från Björneborg. En till Helsingfors och en till Stockholm. Totalt handlar det om 54 flighter per vecka.

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