Menu onboard

Before every day in the air, we load our aircraft with first-class products  to calm both rumbling stomachs and sweet cravings . Welcome to our "Bistro Above"!


Sandwiches with varied toppings and fillings, or why not one of our popular wraps? Created with care specifically for NextJet's travellers and served with finesse by our attentive cabin crew. Lighter snacks are also available such as muffins, crisps, and several kinds of fruit-and-nut mixes. Further on to beverages, we have made an extra effort and now offer a wide range of soft drinks, wines, virgin- and classic cocktails as well as organic coffee and teas.


Please see what´s available on your route below.



Jönköping - Arlanda
Kokkola/Pietarsaari - Arlanda
Sundsvall - Gothenburg
Oulu - Luleå - Tromsø

Complimentary breakfast on morning flights.
Complimentary coffee and tea on other flights.

Sandwiches, snacks and more drinks* are 
also available for purchase throughout the day

Arvidsjaur - Arlanda
Gällivare - Arlanda
Hemavan - Arlanda
Karlstad - Arlanda
Kramfors - Arlanda
Lycksele - Arlanda
Mariehamn - Arlanda
Mariehamn - Turku
Vilhelmina - Arlanda
Breakfast, sandwiches, snacks and drinks* are 
available for purchase throughout the day

Local variations may occur occasionally

Payments are only accepted by VISA or Mastercard creditcards. 

*= Alcoholic beverages are not available on domestic flights before 11:00 AM