Special baggage

Articles such as golf bags, bicycles, surfing boards, hang gliders and skis are not included in the standard allowance. Transportation of such articles are subject to an extra charge per article and single journey. These articles must be packed separately containing only one article per package. Concerning the operator's economic liability, these articles are considered as luggage in the event of damage or loss. 




Dog/Cat (click here for more info)

150 SEK


400 SEK

Ski / Snowboard equipment/ (max 15 kg)

350 SEK

Golfbag (max 15 kg)

350 SEK


350 SEK

Walking frame / Wheelchair



225 SEK

Diving equipment

300 SEK

Fishing rod or tube for rod


Water skis

150 SEK


Not allowed

Hang glider

400 SEK

Music equipment(for cellos and other large music equipment please contact our call center on +46 771 90 00 90)



150 SEK


275 SEK

Special baggage declaration

1000 SEK



SKI / SNOWBOARD equipment

Must be packed separately and only one set of ski equipment is allowed per ski bag. One ski equipment consists of 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles alternatively 1 snowboard. One skibag containing skiboots are allowed together with skiequipment. Ski equipment must be pre-booked at NextJet's Call Center. The fee is SEK350 / one way and is paid at the departure airport.


Firearms and ammunition are covered by special regulations.

Transportation of firearms

Firearm license must be presented upon check-in.
Firearm license must be granted by Swedish Police Authority and marked with a valid stamp, alternatively a valid firearm passport.
The firearm must be marked by the manufacturer and it's unique serial number.
The owner of the firearm must proof that the manufacturer/serial number is conformed with the firearm license.
The firearm must be unloaded.
Checked firearm must be packed in a hard case suitable for cargo transportation.
Max 5 kg ammunition is allowed in the cargo hold. The ammunition must be safely packed and separated from the firearm in a separate case.
The passenger is obliged to inform NextJet's check-in personnel that firearms will be carried in the cargo hold upon check-in. The passenger must show valid documents and his/hers firearm license so that the Captain can be correctly informed.
The passenger travelling with the firearm must present a firearm license valid for his/hers own firearm. It is not allowed to bring firearms not included on your license (including firearms belonging to family and relatives).*

The firearm will not be available on the baggage belt upon arrival, instead, the firearm will be handed over to the passenger by airport personnel after presenting proof of identification. This process may include a delay. Contact NextJet's representatives at the arrival airport to claim your firearm.

* The following rules apply when carrying a borrowed firearm:

The borrowers firearm license must conform with type of firearm carrying.
A copy of the lenders firearm license must be presented.
A valid loan certificate (contact the Swedish Police Authority) between borrower and lender must be presented.

For more information please visit the Swedish Police Authority's homepage http://www.polisen.se/

Transportation of ammunition

It is allowed to carry 5 kg ammunition (incl. packaging). The ammunition must be included in the checked baggage and be transported in the cargo hold.

The ammunition must be well packed in a sealed original box.
Only ammunition labeled with dangerous goods classification UN0012 and UN0014 can be brought. If you are unsure whether your ammunition has the right label, please check with your arms retailer.
Shotgun cartridges must be fixed in a sealed box.
It is not allowed to pack more than 5 kg ammunition in one bag.

Always inform airport ground staff when travelling with firearms or ammunition.

Note: Toy weapons and imitations of weapons irrespective of material, catapults, cutlery, razor-blades (both open blades and razors), tools which could be used as weapons, darts, scissors, syringes (if they are not to be used for real medical reasons), knitting needles, large bats and sports clubs, billiard cues and other pointed objects and weapons are not allowed in the aircraft cabin.


If the weight exeeds 15 kg, 30 SEK per extra kg applies per one way.


Has to be checked in, but the weight is not included in the baggage weight.


Click here for more information.

Please note that, due to limitations in cargo hold, we can not accept animals in cargo hold during 01 december - 30 april on the following routes: Hemavan, Vilhelmina, Arvidsjaur, Kramfors, Gällivare, Örnsköldsvik och Lycksele.