Nextjet will continue to operate Gällivare - Arlanda

When Nextjet earlier advised to continue until 17 december without contribution, we appealed the people in the region to use Gällivare airport as first alternative for their journeys to Stockholm. It seem to have made effect because passenger growth has now increased.
- We are extremely happy that the people in Gällivare chose to support this route! Due to the increased number of passengers we can see that this route can be sel-supporting so there is no need for procurement. We have therefore advised Trafikverket that we wish to contine to operate  without contribution even after 18 december and Trafikverket has accepted this says Henning Lindberg, Marketing Director of Nextjet. 
The route will operate with the airplane ATP, but the plan is to change to a more modern airplane during 2017.

- Considering the increasing number of passengers are we actively working to find another airplane with more seats at the same time as we try to change the traffic program with more departures during high season says Magnus Ivarsson, CEO of Nextjet

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Nextjet and Arctic Airlink invest heavily in Luleå with a jet airliner to Sundsvall and Gothenburg

Almost two years ago to the day, Arctic Airlink began operating its first route, Oulu-Luleå-Tromsö. Now we are deploying jet airliners and opening two routes from Luleå, one to Sundsvall and one to Gothenburg.

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Nextjet adjusts the timetable for Kokkola

Nextjet will publish the timetable for the whole year 2017 for Kokkola - Arlanda. Since the traffic changed for almost a year ago the route have developed very well. To meet the need of the market Nextjet will make an adjustement of the timetable with later flights to and from Kokkola - Arlanda.

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Nextjet operates Arlanda - Arvidsjaur/Gällivare as ususal

AG-Travel did go bankrupt earlier this week. This does not affect the route Arlanda - Arvidsjaur/Gällivare at the moment.

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