Nextjet and Arctic Airlink invest heavily in Luleå with a jet airliner to Sundsvall and Gothenburg

Almost two years ago to the day, Arctic Airlink and Nextjet began operating its first flight on the route Oulu-Luleå-Tromsö. Now we are deploying jet airliner and opening two routes from Luleå, one to Sundsvall and one to Gothenburg.

Nextjet and Arctic Airlink have been operating the Oulu - Luleå - Tromsö route since January 2015. The route has been and continues to be an appreciated part of interregional and cross-cutting infrastructure. Occupancy has steadily increased and the route is used by business travellers, private travellers and tourists alike.

Starting March 13 we will deploy a CRJ 200 jet with room for 50 passengers, thereby taking our product to the next level. This will result in shorter travel times and increased comfort. At the same time, the route will change, starting in Luleå and going to Tromsö via Oulu.

Using the same type of aircraft, based in Luleå, a route to Gothenburg via Sundsvall will also be opening on March 13. There is a strong demand for travel between Luleå and Gothenburg, with more than 50,000 travellers per year. As a consequence of more flights between Luleå and Gothenburg, the cities will become more closely connected as the demand for travel is met. An additional benefit is the possibility of direct flights to Sundsvall, a route that was last available back in 2014. The route was highly appreciated and had more than 8,000 travellers.

-It feels great to be able to present this new investment in Luleå. We have had an excellent relationship with local enterprise, the tourism industry and the regional Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce for a long time and we are consequently aware that there is a great demand for transport between these three Arctic cities. Additionally, offering travel to both Sundsvall and Gothenburg is a strength. We see major growth potential for all three routes and I think that the jet aircraft will be received with open arms, explains Henning Lindberg, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nextjet.


Complete timetables for 2017 will soon be viewable and available for booking at, and at your local travel agency.

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