Nextjet adjusts the timetable for Kokkola

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Nextjet will continue to operate Gällivare - Arlanda

Nextjet has submitted a commercial notification to Trafikverket and will thereby continue to operate the route Gällivare - Arlanda even after 18 december. Nextjet resigned earlier this autumn the commercial notification for the route Gällivare - Arlanda after the former partner AG Travel AB went bankrupt. Trafikverket decided again to purchase the route to secure air traffic even after 18 december.

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Nextjet operates Arlanda - Arvidsjaur/Gällivare as ususal

AG-Travel did go bankrupt earlier this week. This does not affect the route Arlanda - Arvidsjaur/Gällivare at the moment.

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Change of Terminal from T5 to T2 for international flights.

From 27th of march all international flights will depart from Terminal 2 at Arlanda instead of Terminal 5. There is a bus transfer to Terminal 5 if you are transfering and have a connecting flight from Terminal 5. In Terminal 2 the bus arrives and departs from gate 61C. In Terminal 5 the bus arrives and departs eighter from gate 10C or F5.

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